The Adventures In Freelancing Comic

Like any adventure, freelancing has its fair share of mishaps, peril, and pitfalls. Lance, our freelancing lead character of the comic doesn’t always do things right, which results in the antics you’ll see here each month. Ultimately, like any freelancer, Lance is determined and won’t give up so easily.


Lance, Our Freelancing Lead Character

After being suddenly laid off from his previous job as an office grunt pushing pixels for a Corporate Overlord, Lance has been thrown into the unpredictable, exciting world of freelance. With his desire to learn new things and passion for design, Lance is making his own luck and committing to a career doing what he loves.

Brookes Eggleston Character Designer

Art by Brookes Eggleston

Brookes Eggleston is a Character Designer & Comic Artist. Fascinated with visual storytelling, he creates dynamic and iconic characters with expressive personalities. Brookes has worked as a freelance artist for animation studios, indie game developers, and teaches character design through Character Design Forge.

Adventures In Freelancing Comic #4 “Professional Homebody”

AiF-4-Professional Homebody-WEBCOMIC

Working from home is every bit as awesome as it seems. No strife of a daily commute, no expense of unavoidable meals out, fuel, or rented office space. And perhaps best of all, all the comforts of your own, personalized office, maybe even shared with your significant other. I know for myself, spending about 80% of my working time in my home office this past year has been a dream come true.

Especially with winter coming on, though, there’s the inherent danger to have too much of a good thing, so here’s some simple productivity tips to keep in mind for the shut-ins, the introverts, and self-employed slipper wearers. [Read more…]

Adventures In Freelancing Comic #2 “The Tools Don’t Make The Artist”

AiF Comic - 2 - The Tools Don't Make The Artist

One of the most common questions asked of any artist, craftsman, or designer is curiously one of the most useless.

“What tablet do you use?”
“What kind of ___ is that?”
“What’s your favorite brand of pencil?”

Of course, this question can be asked innocently enough. It could even be coming from a desire for a recommendation they can trust.

A more misguided intention is the source of most of these inquiries, though: By obtaining ___, my ability will match theirs.

This mindset can be a serious pitfall, for a few reasons… [Read more…]

Adventures In Freelancing Comic #1 “Freelance Isn’t Free”

Freelance Isn't Free - Comic by Brookes Eggleston

Our friend Lance is just starting out in freelance, and he’s still got… a lot to learn. It may seem like this sort of client behavior is unavoidable, especially when their mustaches appear so trustworthy, (trustaches, for the uninitiated) and you rush into a project before receiving payment.

Fortunately for us, Brent’s been freelancing a little bit longer, and has some advice ensuring this never happens to you:
[Read more…]