Ready to work from home and grow a successful freelance business?

The goal here on Your Freelance Career (YFC) is to be as transparent as possible with running your own freelance business. To achieve this goal, I’m going to do this the only way I know how – by sharing personal experiences and real world examples.

A lot of the content is geared towards graphic designers, but can easily be applied to any other freelance specialty, whether it be writing, website development, photography, etc.

If working from home freelancing is a dream of yours and it’s a way for you to do what you love, then it’s time to start your freelance career! I hope the content here can give you the inspiration and knowledge needed to make the jump to start your own freelance business.

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What’s being said about Your Freelance Career

Your posts are realistic and straight to the point, which is very important to me. Your writing style makes the lifestyle very accessible, not like an unattainable goal. I also like that I get your emails on Monday morning, it helps as a good reminder and sets the right tone for my week.

– Trista D.

It is refreshing to see a blog from a designer that is extremely personal and forthcoming in their career desires and aspirations.

– Megan B.

Just got around to reading the latest @YourFreelance newsletter, and it’s stellar as always.

– Devon C.

Who’s behind Your Freelance Career?

About-Me-Photo Hi! I’m Brent Galloway, a freelance graphic designer in Ohio. If you’d like to see what I do and connect, check out my website and Twitter.

I manage this blog and work on everything that goes on behind the scenes. At its core the site is ran by me, but I encourage participation from other freelancers interested in connecting and sharing their insights.

Over several years ago I ignored the naysayers and ventured off the beaten path to work from home and start my own freelance business as a graphic designer. I now have the freedom to bring my own ideas to life and ultimately live happily doing what I love.

I believe there is no reason why anyone can’t do what I have done. If you’re driven enough, then I’m sure you could match or exceed my accomplishments, and this site is my way of giving back to those that would like to do just that.

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