How to get the full value from the content you consume

Consuming Content
How many blog posts do you read each week? Why do you choose to read those articles specifically? Chances are it’s because you’re looking to learn something new or to view someone elses perspective on a certain topic.

There’s a plethora of content for every subject you can think of, and it’s all accessible at your fingertips. With all of this content you’re consuming on a daily basis, are you actually taking anything away from it? Are you even consuming the right type of content?

You purposely and sometimes accidentally put in valuable time scouring the web for the perfect answer to your questions. Reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, and watching videos. Maybe one of these pieces of content will hold that gold nugget of information you’ve been looking for!

Reading, listening, and watching content is time-consuming, and for most people, it’s a problem they didn’t know they have. You think you’re spending your time wisely, self-learning, but if you aren’t finding the value in the content you consume, and develop your own takeaway, then you’re inadvertently wasting time. [Read more…]

Breaking free of your fears and taking the next big step in freelancing

So you want to start a freelance business and work from home? Now is your time to make it happen! All you have to do is answer one question… What’s holding you back?

Let me preface by saying this post is going to be easier read than done. However, you have to trust what I’m about to share, consider what’s said, and participate. Every reason holding you back can be dissolved down to insecurity, and that’s something everybody deals with, but how do you fight it? [Read more…]

Preparing Your Freelance Business For The New Year

Preparing Your Freelance Business For The New Year
The end of the year is approaching and it has come time to take a look at how far we’ve come, what experiences we’ve had, and how we can improve ourselves to better prepare for the new year.

In the final months of the year, I myself like to do an in-depth review of my freelance business. I break this process up into four steps:

  1. Review my freelance business and online presence
  2. Revise my freelance business plan
  3. Compile a to-do list based on the review
  4. Plan a fresh content strategy

I make my end of the year review a main priority. I try and wrap up what projects I can and take a one month break from creating content so I can focus on preparing my success for the new year. This way I have no distractions or excuses for when it comes to completing the massive to-do list I’m about to create for myself.

Now, let me go over the finer details for each step above. Follow along, and most importantly, take what notes you need so you can put what I have to share to use. None of what I share will matter if you don’t take action! [Read more…]

5 Tips To Becoming a Location Independent Freelancer


If you’re a freelancer chances are the idea of being able to work from anywhere is what attracted you to the freelance lifestyle. Most freelancers know the hassle of staying productive when they’re the only ones setting the schedule. But what about those that are location independent and move from city to city? Is it really possible to travel the world and work at the same time? It is if you have some serious self-determination and time management.

I myself currently live in Berlin but travel every so often and make regular visits to the US and UK. With that experience, I’d like to share with you five helpful tips to becoming a location independent freelancer. [Read more…]

Saying “No” To a Great Client So I Don’t Have To Compromise My Business

Saying No
Saying no is something I’ve had to learn over the years. When I first started out I would say yes to every project – taking on things I had never done before. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but did because I thought I needed to land every project I quoted. I would often start off quoting less than I wanted, mitigating the negotiations, sure, but also leaving money on the table.

In some cases I still do this, but pretty much only for friends and family projects that are nowadays few and far between. I’ve recently had an experience in saying no to a project I really wanted, but in the end had to bail. [Read more…]