5 Tips To Becoming a Location Independent Freelancer


If you’re a freelancer chances are the idea of being able to work from anywhere is what attracted you to the freelance lifestyle. Most freelancers know the hassle of staying productive when they’re the only ones setting the schedule. But what about those that are location independent and move from city to city? Is it really possible to travel the world and work at the same time? It is if you have some serious self-determination and time management.

I myself currently live in Berlin but travel every so often and make regular visits to the US and UK. With that experience, I’d like to share with you five helpful tips to becoming a location independent freelancer. [Read more…]

Saying “No” To a Great Client So I Don’t Have To Compromise My Business

Saying No
Saying no is something I’ve had to learn over the years. When I first started out I would say yes to every project – taking on things I had never done before. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, but did because I thought I needed to land every project I quoted. I would often start off quoting less than I wanted, mitigating the negotiations, sure, but also leaving money on the table.

In some cases I still do this, but pretty much only for friends and family projects that are nowadays few and far between. I’ve recently had an experience in saying no to a project I really wanted, but in the end had to bail. [Read more…]

Someone stole my logo! Now what?

Someone stole my logo
There will be a time in your freelance career where you really start to make a name for yourself. You’re getting awesome clients, doing awesome work, and it’s only going up hill. However, with success comes scammers, trolls, and the most commonly, people that copy, “borrow”, or blatantly steal your design work. Has that happened to you yet?

Last week I stumbled upon a blatant copy of my logo on a design firm’s portfolio. It was a full page with large images of my logo mocked up on different products, but with a different business name under it. To see this company benefiting on my hard work and personal brand was a serious issue for me. [Read more…]

Boost your freelance business by going the extra mile for your clients

We all have a favorite place to go shopping. We all have our favorite brand we trust. When you’re treated well and given an amazing customer experience, whether it’s in a store or through a package you receive in the mail, you’re going to rave about it. The same applies to how you treat your clients.

It’s obvious that you should treat your clients like gold, but what I want to share with you are some important tips to go the extra mile. If you can apply what I share here in the work you do, then you’ll only enhance your client’s experience in working with you – bettering your relationship and landing you more work. With that said, let’s jump into it. [Read more…]

Dropping Bad Clients and Attracting Good Ones

Dropping bad clients
I got an email today that gave me a rush of good feelings. I was suddenly filled with excitement, inspiration, and joy. No, it wasn’t that I had an inheritance waiting for me in Africa, but it was from one of my favorite spiritual teachers announcing a new workshop. I didn’t even plan on attending. Just seeing her name pop up was all it took.

Remember when email used to be like that all the time? The only people that would write you would be friends and family. And getting an email was like opening a gift on Christmas! But fast forward to today and you probably get more email from people you don’t even know. Now that you’re freelancing, you probably get a lot more email, but not all of them make you excited.

I bet some of those emails you actually dread. You see someone’s name pop up and instead of excitement, you feel some anxiety. Maybe it’s a rejection. Maybe the client is complaining about your prices. Or maybe that article you wrote offended someone. Or maybe you have some haters who try to bring you down. I have been there and I feel your pain.

Before you know it, you are just reacting and putting out fires all day. How did it get this way? A whole mess of other people’s priorities trying to get something out of you. [Read more…]