Dropping Bad Clients and Attracting Good Ones

Dropping bad clients
I got an email today that gave me a rush of good feelings. I was suddenly filled with excitement, inspiration, and joy. No, it wasn’t that I had an inheritance waiting for me in Africa, but it was from one of my favorite spiritual teachers announcing a new workshop. I didn’t even plan on attending. Just seeing her name pop up was all it took.

Remember when email used to be like that all the time? The only people that would write you would be friends and family. And getting an email was like opening a gift on Christmas! But fast forward to today and you probably get more email from people you don’t even know. Now that you’re freelancing, you probably get a lot more email, but not all of them make you excited.

I bet some of those emails you actually dread. You see someone’s name pop up and instead of excitement, you feel some anxiety. Maybe it’s a rejection. Maybe the client is complaining about your prices. Or maybe that article you wrote offended someone. Or maybe you have some haters who try to bring you down. I have been there and I feel your pain.

Before you know it, you are just reacting and putting out fires all day. How did it get this way? A whole mess of other people’s priorities trying to get something out of you. [Read more...]

Do you enjoy your work enough to be a successful freelancer?

Do you like the work you do?
What’s your end goal with freelancing? Do you want to make a living from the comfort of your home? Do you want to live a luxurious life of higher means? I hope those aren’t your reasons for freelancing…

If your mind is set on wanting to work from home or to get rich, then you’re going about freelancing all wrong. Of course it’s possible to make a good living as a freelancer, and one of the biggest perks is that you work for yourself from the comfort of your home, but it’s the work you do that will ultimately get you there. If you don’t have a love for the work you do, or if you don’t enjoy doing it even if you aren’t making enough to live off of, then how can you expect to succeed? [Read more...]

Being a Jack of All Trades Vs. a Master of One

Jack of All Trades Vs. Master of One
A client recently asked me how I decided which services I offer. Initially, I thought it was a silly question, but after giving it some thought, it became more clear. It turned out the client wanted to know why I offer lots of different services, instead of just one or two. I like to call this the “Jack of All Trades” or “Master of One” scenario, and in this post, you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of both, and how you can figure out the right path for yourself. [Read more...]

The Daily Routine of a Freelancer [Open Discussion]

My Daily Freelance Routine
I really enjoy reading how other freelancers go about their day. How they start, when they get most of their work done, and when do they do their mundane tasks.

There are countless variations to how you could spend your day, so I would like to start an open discussion in the comments of this post about your daily routine as a freelancer. Much like the Community Challenge post I did a few months ago, I want to focus on you. Think of the comment section as an extension of this post (as you always should.) So now is not the time to be afraid to add your voice and leave a comment!

I’m going to share my typical work day with you first, then you do the same in the comments. To help you out, try answering these questions:

  • What does your daily routine look like?
  • What time do you start working, and how many hours do you put in?
  • How often do you take breaks?
  • When do you find you’re most productive?

I’ll be reading everyone’s comment, replying to most, and checking out your websites, so I look forward to seeing you in the comments below! :) [Read more...]

How I go beyond client work to diversify my freelance income

How I Diversify My Freelance Income
In order to build a reliable income for your freelance business you must go beyond client work. Don’t just trade your time for money. Instead, work hard now. Develop multiple streams of income with the skills you already have and continually reap the benefits over time.

With client work, there’s always the possibility of it drying up – leaving you without money coming in. It’s a scary situation to go through, so don’t put all your eggs into one basket.

In this post I’m going to share how I diversify my freelance income. I’m going to break my different streams of income into percentages based on categories – revealing what’s been working best for me over the year. [Read more...]